We know that there are many who, for various reasons, will not have the opportunity to visit Israel.  And so we invite you to join us LIVE ON LOCATION throughout the country.


1) Create a Log In Profile on our website, and you will receive the email with our next dates.

2) A new list of dates is sent out every 2 or 3 weeks.  When you see a program date you want to join, email us and we will send the Zoom Room information.  WE DO NOT HAVE ONLINE BOOKING.

If you have questions you can check out our Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of the page.

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Our original On Location program!

We walk through the Canaanite gate from the time of Abraham to the gates of the Israelite city of Dan and then onward to the high place built by Jeroboam. 


A visit to Herod's marvelous port city.  We will walk you through this city of decadence and discuss some of its more notable features and residents like Cornelius and Philip the Evangelizer. We also take you through the start of the Jewish-Roman Revolt.


tel dan



We discuss some of the amazing artifacts found at the City of David and Ophel Excavations.  As well as Herod's Temple, how it was built and how it was destroyed in 70CE. As we walk you from the Jewish Quarter, through the excavation sites and up the Mount of Olives.



...because summer at the Dead Sea is hot unbearably hot!



got questions? here are some answers

- Why are your programs at such specific times?

We are all about providing an engaging experience of Israel, which means being on site of the National Parks.  But this means we are bound to the operation times of the parks (9am-5pm Israel Time, Sunday to Thursday).  However, we work hard to provide a variety of times to suit all areas of the world.

- I've joined other programs for free, why do you charge? And why is it so much?

Yes, we charge $6/person for Caesarea and Dan and $8/person for Jerusalem, with kids under 18 free. 

The reason for the charge is because our programs are not slide shows using free stock footage or vacation photos.

Our unique live on site approach involves cost to produce.  So the charge is to ensure, not just that our cost is covered (transport, food, equipment maintenance), but also that we can earn a living with this work.

We think our price point is quite fair if you consider what is included in the price, verses what we actually "put in our pocket".   Regardless if we charge a price or have tipping only, Israel requires that we pay fees to comply with the tax laws.  Included in the price you pay is 17% value added tax (VAT), 10-15% in banking fees (for foreign income and transactions) and about 5-10% in costs for invoicing and bookkeeping (to comply with Israel's tax code).


The price we charge is calculated so that after these fees and personal income tax is paid, we have a small profit from which we can pay for the production and our living costs...and hopefully, the occasional glass of wine ;)

- How Often Are Your Programs?

We try to have at least one program each week.  However, due to corona virus restrictions we may have sudden cancellation of the programs.  Summer heat waves and winter storms may also affect the regularity of the programming.

have more questions? shoot us an email!

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