We know that there are many who, will not have the opportunity to visit Israel.

So we invite you to join us LIVE ON LOCATION.



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tel dan

It's our original Live program (and one of our favorite places in Israel)!

We start at the world's oldest standing true arch which was built by the Canaanites and is called the Abraham gate.  Why?  Because Abraham walked through it!

We give you a crash course on the tribe of Dan and the apostasy that spread through the 10 Tribe Nation as we take you through the Israelite city ruins all the way to the High Place that once housed a golden calf. We finish walking through the streams of the nature reserve that create the River Dan.

Program Length: 2 Hours



Caesarea is a fan favorite with many taking it multiple times.  Why?  Because it isn't just informative, it is a lot of fun for the whole family.  We take you through the purpose of the city and Herod's motivations. And then get inside the heads of the people who lived here and what life was like, from entertainment at the Hippodrome, to how to use the toilet!

From Cornelius, to Philip to Paul, we walk you through the city at the heart of the tribulation of the first century and how everyone got through it.

Program Length: 2 Hours



We start in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City and walk to the Davidson Center to show you what remains of Herod's temple and the main street as we talk about the frustrating business practices of the 1st Century Jerusalem.  From there we head to the City of David to show you the ruins of the pre-Babylonian city and some of the great artifacts found.  On the way up the Mount of Olives, we also take a brief look at the Ophel Excavation.  From Bar Mitzvas to Weddings, you never know what will happen on camera when we are Live in Jerusalem

Program Length: 2.5 Hours

khirbet qeiyafa

What?  Where?  Let's just go with the Elah Valley!

In this one we take you through the newly discovered ruins of a Davidic city located just above the valley where David faced off against Goliath.  And while the legend (and skepticism) about the account run deep, we take a look at what the archeologists have said about this fascinating site and how the archeology of the every day life of the people actually helps to support the Bible.

Program Length: 1.5 Hours



The Mountain of Megiddo!  While many come here to talk about apocalyptic scenarios, we take a different always.  For decades many of the ruins here were pointed to as being the work of Solomon...however...archeology moves forward.  And the whole site has been re-dated.

What does that mean for Bible readers?  It means we now know a lot more a bout a King we know very little about!  

Program Length: 1.5 Hours


This is another, "What? Where?" program.  But just like the Elah Valley, it will pack a punch of fun jokes and interesting gems.  Shivta was a Nabatean city set along the spice route in the middle of modern day nowhere.  But that doesn't mean there isn't a lot of history that can help you understand what shaped 1st Century Judea.  We also jump in and have some fun with another group of traders on camels bearing goods, the Shebans and their Queen.

Program Length: 1.5 Hours


have questions? here are some answers

- Why are your programs at such specific times?

We are all about providing a unique engaging experience and entertainment, which means being on site of the National Parks.  But this means we are bound to the operation times of the parks (8am-5pm).  However, we work hard to provide a variety of times to suit all areas of the world.

- I've joined other programs for free, why do you charge?

We charge between $5 and $8/person for our programs, with kids under 18 free because our programs are unique.

We take you live on site in Israel, which incurs cost.

Also, because we offer a service and receive money, we recognize that it defines us as a business and commercial enterprise.  As such, we work to ensure we are following all the licensing and tax laws of Israel.  So from the price you pay we are able to earn a living wage (after Caesar get's his due).

- How Often Are Your Programs?

We try to have at least four programs each month.  However, due to corona virus lockdowns and restrictions we may have sudden cancellation of the programs.  Summer heat waves and winter storms may also affect the regularity of the programming.

have more questions? shoot us an email!

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