Beit She'an: Live On Location

We have returned with a brand new live program. This time from the other end of the Jezreel Valley in the city of Beit Shean. Biblically, it is perhaps remembered best for being the place where King Saul's body was brought after his death on Mount Gilboa. But it also became famous for its role in the Decapolis cities during Jesus time. So we will take you from Saul to the first century, with deep research, fun perspectives, and...revised chronology! *gasp* That's right, we will finally answer the top question from our Megiddo program, "when did Thutmose III take control of Israel? And what was happening Biblically". It's going to be a ton of fun and you are welcome to join.

Our Live programs have taken a new form, they are no longer on Zoom. To join, simply go to: there you can click the two time options to see when it starts in your local time. Joining is easy too...just wait for the countdown to end! When it hits 0:00, the live show begins. You can add a reminder to your calendar if you want as well. If you are a subscriber to Taste and See it's free, plus you can watch on the Roku and use the Live Chat. For non-subscribers it is $5/connection, but you will get to watch it again and again as we will keep it posted for you to enjoy after. Hope to see you live!

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