It's Turkey Time!

It has come rapidly upon us! Although we had initially planned for a few more Israel episodes in Season 3 (specifically from the West Bank) we had what may be a rare opportunity to travel into Turkey. Turkey has been a "Red Country" for quite some time, so we have been quietly researching and writing episodes for what we expected to be a spring time film date. However, it all changed quickly, and as such, we quickly finished writing the last scripts and booked a whirlwind trip of 34 days for filming 20 episodes for Season 4.

We still plan to get to the West Bank and show you iconic Bible sites such as Hebron, Jericho, Mt Ebal & Mt Gerizim, Shiloh, Gibeon and Ai. We hope the delay will allow the political situation in the West Bank to "normalize" a little more, so that we can gain the necessary permissions to film. In the meantime, we know you wont be disappointed with the last year of script writing and planning. Here is a sneak peek at our travels and route through Turkey.

If you enjoyed the Salamis, Cyprus episode about Barnabas, then you'll love We Missed the Mark which will be shot in Antalya and Perga. This time it is all about why Paul has the sharp burst of anger and why he really missed Mark on the first missionary tour. We then work our way across to Tarsus while getting shots of Aspendos and Side for other episodes. We arrive later in Antakya (Antioch of Syria), where we view the circumcision issue from the eyes of Titus, then move across to the Euphrates River and Harran.

Then the speculation really runs wild as we get to Gobekli Tepe and Mount Ararat for an episode about Noah’s family and the immediate post flood world. Weather pending, will get to Milid for what will be a series about the Hittites as we see their influence in the life of Abraham and David, their religion, culture, inventions and collapse. Parts of the Hittite episodes will also be shot later at Alacahoyok, Sapinuwa, Hattusa, Yazilikaya and Eflatun Pinar.

We also explore scenic Rize and the tea plantations of the Black Sea (Biblical Pontus) before arriving in the capital, Ankara to jump into the 20th century debate: who was the Letter of Galatians written to? We were surprised to discover how unknown it is, and why the South Theory has become more prominent in commentaries, but how Bible chronology and maps still lean on the North Theory.

We keep trekking south to Kona (Iconium) and Lystra (real Lystra, not Kilistra) in what should be an eye opening, and maybe tear jerking, episode about Timothy and his mother. We start our way east, stopping off at the many lakes along the way for an episode about Pamukkale & Hierapolis, and also one about Colossae & Laodicea (being one of our favorites for research).

We finally reach the coast for an Ephesus episode, before hitting the reset button and getting a little rest in Izmir (Smyrna) that will explore the growth of the weeds of the second century and those who tried to fight back the tide. Sardis and Thyatira combine for an episode about The Gold Standard before we reach Berga (Pergamom). It is the home stretch, as we will try and get into Assos (currently closed for renovations) and Troas for another Paul episode before getting to the legendary city of Troy. It all finishes

with the episode Istanbul was Constantinople (cue the music) which will be our modern food and culture episode.

We look back appreciatively at all your help and patience over the last year and a half. When we launched our first episode, we were entering the unknown. While there were other friends with one-minute promotional videos, YouTube travel shows, and slide show presentations, there were no Witnesses with a Bible lands travel television show. So we appreciate all the support and patience as we improved our filming equipment, editing, website and Roku channel. We are now past episode 40, and by the end of the Turkey series, we will be nearing episode 70!! None of this is possible without your amazing support.

As always, if you ever have issues accessing your account, we are only an email away. Please never feel like you are bothering us. Our new website allows us the ability to reset your password and even set up an account for you within seconds.

Please stay safe and heathy. Hopefully we will get to meet you all soon.

David and Desiree

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