Well it has been quite the ride. Honestly, if at the start of covid you had told us we would be developing a web tv series and produce 50 episodes by 2022, I'd think you were crazy. But here we are. We are so appreciative of all the wonderful comments and testimonials we have received over the 50 episodes. It is humbling to hear how our programs have been helping you to jump deeper into research, to have fun with Bible reading and visualizing the accounts. To get to hear from and meet subscribers from dozens of countries, and all levels of Bible knowledge. From many who have been to amazing Bible schools to those who have just begun to dust off the Bible again after years. We are just so happy you have enjoyed our style, humor and approach.

Looking back, we've come a long way in filming and editing. And in Season 4, you'll find it only gets better. We wanted our 50th Episode to be the one about the Hittites, because we feel it captures what we do well. Find a story between the story, that hasn't been told yet, and develop it in a way you've never considered. As Season 4 rolls on, we have begun researching and writing Season 5. It will return us to Israel, but this time, also taking you through the Palestinian West Bank. From there, we will continue to develop story lines of Paul, Titus and the Philistines, but from Crete!

We will also soon be unveiling a museum tour, which will stitch together some of the fascinating artifacts from museums in Israel, Cyprus and Turkey. The "Adding Context" tour will be held on Zoom and will be designed for those who would like something different than the typical museum tour. As with all of our programs, it will be light-hearted, fun and not teach doctrine. Rather, it will just focus on how seemingly small artifacts can add context to the people and cultures of the Bible.

Thank you again for all your support!

Lots of Love,

David and Desiree

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