Wandering Where To Go

Well it has been a long road of research, but it is finally here. If you have ever tackled the research of the Exodus route, and especially the 38 years, you know the frustration. Most maps follow the traditions set by the Byzantine Church, but even then you find the majority of stops are unknown or missing completely. Why all the confusion? For years the focus has been on finding the true location of Mount Sinai and the Red Sea Crossing. That may surprise you, that we don't know the location of even Mount Sinai, however it is readily acknowledged that "the exact location of Mount Sinai, or Horeb, is uncertain." (Insight on the Scriptures, pg.972).

However, we couldn't help but wonder, what if everyone has been approaching it from the wrong angle? What if we start from the area that Israel spent 38 of their 40 years, can we get into the thinking of Moses? Can we see the route that he described for us in the Bible? We were surprised to find that no one (that we could find) had ever taken this angle before. And so we set off, using only the Bible, on a journey to go where few had gone before, to find each stage of Israel's 38 years in the wilderness.

Can we find the starting point? Will it lead us logically to the next stop and will it be exactly as described by Moses? Will we be able to find the reason that Moses could enter Edomite land at some points but not others? Will we understand why the Way of the Arabah and King's Road were forbidden, but the Way of the Red Sea wasn't?

And so, this December, we invite you to join us on Taste and See TV for a journey 3500 years in the making, as we are not left Wandering Where To Go.

You will be able to watch this 2.5-hour, three-part series, with a regular subscription to Taste and See TV, or you will also be able to rent the programs for 72 hours. You can subscribe to Taste and See TV though our website and even watch on our Roku channel.

"Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought."
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