Whoops! Sorry for the Email

Hello everyone, you may have gotten an email from us a couple hours ago about our 38 Years Wandering episode. Our apologies for that, we didn't mean to mass email. We decided to begin using a blog to publish some of our scripts for copyright purpose. Specifically, for a research project regarding the locations of the 38 Years Wandering of the Israelites that we wanted to establish a publishing date on. However...I didn't realize there was a default setting to send a mass email to everyone! So I guess some got a sneak peek of the program and some were disappointed to find the script was removed.

Next month we will begin filming the culmination of a years long project. It will air on Taste and See TV in November as a three part series (about 2.5 hours long). And cover the period from the 12 spies to entering Moab. So if you are a subscriber you'll soon see what the post is about. However, for non-subscribers we have plans to publish the research with photos and a map for any interested in the subject of Sinai and the 40 years.

Sorry again for the mass email...however, now that we know about this feature, if you would be interested in receiving program updates through a blog, let us know.

David Field

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