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G'day mate how's ya day goin? my name is Leslie; but I use my middle name cause when I was a young fella I got ragged a fair bit cause all the schoolies reckoned Leslie's a sheilas (girls) name so I've been Malcolm since.

I was born in a little place called Elliston on the west coast of Eyre Peninsula South Australia in 1960.

In 1964 my dad moved us to Port Lincoln about 170km south cause of work. I'll cut the yappin cause I reckon ya probably got a truck load of other stuff on ya plate.

I met Maxine in 1976 and we married in 1981, We woundup with a couple a triffic daughters and and ripper of a son and one of each grand children.

Me and the missus started havin a gander at the bible with a local Jay Dub in 1984 fairdinkum mate we loved it and got dunked in Whyalla on 31st of August 1985.

Our eldest girl, well she lives in Western Australia now, she found a really good bloke over there and I reckon he felt felt like the cat that licked the cream of the pav,

well any way they got hitched and been pioneering for yonks, our number 2 has given us a couple of bonza grand kids now16 and 11yrs old, our son reckons there's no time for goin walkabout so he's havin a go with us at home in Pt Lincoln.

We thats it for that, heres some stuff about our part of the play ground.

The Port Lincoln Congregation is around 80 publishers, our territory is in two zones, local and seldom worked. Local is from Pt Lincoln, NE to Elbow Hill, W to Pt Kenny, SW to Pt Lincoln. Our seldom worked is from Pt Kenny NW to Border Village at the W A border.

If ya want some info about Pt Lincoln you can Google for all the info.

Love the content that Dave & Des have bunged on their sight, keep up the good yarnin mate, hooroo.

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