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Desert Camping (2Days-1Night)

Theme: The Israelite Conquest

  • From 1 U.S. dollar
  • Haifa

Tour Information

Sites Visited: Merom, Hazor, Dan Walking Difficulty: Moderate (some hills on cobble stones) Excluded from the Price: Lunch (typically from $5-$15 per person**), National Park entrance fees (about $14 total per person*) Transportation: Customer provided** We meet and depart from Haifa at 8:00am. We drive via Highway 89 and 899 along the Israel-Lebanon border and stop at an observation point near Kibbutz Bar’am. Looking down on the area of the waters of Merom, we will consider the battle between Joshua and the Canaanite confederation (Jos 11:1-9). We will then follow Joshua’s path and head to the former Canaanite capital city Hazor and consider the Canaanite system of governance and the fall of the city to Joshua and later to Barak (Jos 11:10-15; Jg 4). We will stop for lunch at the Agamon Hula Market. There we have options for a quick meal that we can eat on the go (like a falafel or shawarma), or we can sit down for a one hour meal. From here we head to the ancient city of Dan where we will explore the Canaanite and Israelite ruins. We will learn about the archaeological findings from the site that are described in the Bible, and also consider what motivated the Danites to leave their inheritance and settle in this area (Jg 18), as well as the repercussions of their decision. After Tel Dan, we will head back towards Haifa. Depending on the time, it may be possible to take a route that passes the Galilee for some quick photos. Basic Itinerary: Depart Haifa: 08:00 Arrive Kibbutz Bar’am Lookout: 09:45 Depart Kibbutz Bar’am Lookout: 10:30 Arrive Tel Hazor: 11:15 Depart Tel Hazor: 12:30 Arrive Agamon Market: 12:40 (Lunch Break) Depart Agamon Market: 13:40 Arrive Tel Dan: 14:15 Depart Tel Dan: 16:00-17:00* Arrive Haifa: 19:00 *All prices in US Dollar, VAT included. **Due to insurance reasons, the customer must provide the transportation. If the customer rents a car, but wants us to drive, we will provide the information needed to be added as a secondary driver. However, this will increase the price of your rental by 17% (VAT). ***The park closes at 16:00 from November to March, and 17:00 April-October.

Cancelation Policy

Cancellations on any tour more than 30 days prior, are subject to a 5% cancellation fee. Cancellations on single day tour less than 30 days prior are subject to a 10% fee. Cancellations on single day tour within 48 hours will not be refunded. Cancellations on a multi-day group tour less than 30 days prior will not be refunded.

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