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Jezreel Valley

Theme: Challenges of the Prophets

  • 9 hours
  • From 280 U.S. dollars
  • Haifa

Tour Information

Sites Visited: Mount Carmel, Megiddo, Mount Gilboa, Mount Precipice Tour Time: 10 Hours (08:00-18:00) Walking Difficulty: Easy (some paved ramps to get to the sites) Excluded from the Price: Lunch (typically from $15 per person**), National Park entrance fees (about $8 total per person*) Transportation: Customer provided** Dress & Grooming: Comfortable for walking Tour Description: We meet and depart from Haifa at 8:00am and drive up Mount Carmel to one of the lookout points. From here we will delve into the challenges that Elijah faced being a prophet in the reign of Ahab and Jezebel (1Kings 17-22). We will head down the mountain to the Tel Megiddo National Park. As we explore the ancient mound we will discuss the lives of Amos and Jonah during the life of Jeroboam II in addition to some of the changes to the dating of the archaeological site and how it affects our understanding of the Bible. We will drive across the Jezreel Valley towards Mount Gilboa where we will have lunch. After a one hour lunch break, we will go up Mount Gilboa to discuss the prophets Samuel, Nathan and Gad and the challenges they faced during the reigns of Saul and David (1Sa 30,31). We will finish by going across the valley to Mount Precipice in Nazareth to look out towards Mount Tabor and consider the prophetess Deborah and her perspective on the war verses Sisera (Jg 4,5). Timeline: Depart Haifa: 08:00 Arrive Mount Carmel: 08:30 Depart Mount Carmel: 09:30 Arrive Tel Megiddo: 10:00 Depart Tel Megiddo: 12:00 Arrive Lunch Location: 12:30 Depart Lunch Location: 13:45 Arrive Mount Gilboa: 14:00 Depart Mount Gilboa: 15:00 Arrive Mount Precipice: 15:45 Depart Mount Precipice: 16:30 Arrive Haifa: 17:30 *All prices in US Dollar, VAT included. **Due to insurance reasons, the customer must provide the transportation. If the customer rents a car, but wants us to drive, we will provide the information needed to be added as a secondary driver. However, this will increase the price of your rental by 17% (VAT).

Cancelation Policy

Cancellations on any tour more than 30 days prior, are subject to a 5% cancellation fee. Cancellations on single day tour less than 30 days prior are subject to a 10% fee. Cancellations on single day tour within 48 hours will not be refunded. Cancellations on a multi-day group tour less than 30 days prior will not be refunded.

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