TOUR prices

Below are the prices for guiding your whole group, including consultations for your trip.


For a group of 2-4 People


For a group of 5-8 People


Meals, wine tastings and admissions are additional to the price and vary with each itinerary.

discount days

We appreciate your business, and would love to spend more than one day with you.

So if you choose to hire us for multiple days, then we will apply a 20% DISCOUNT  to all your additional days.

car rental

Feeling apprehensive about driving in Israel? Coming in off the cruise ship and want to just jump in the car and go?

No problem, let us know and we will drive!


 For an additional fee we will arrange the right size vehicle for your group and be waiting to pick you up.


Together we will travel the central coastline.  We will visit the ruins of Caesarea, where the Apostle Paul appeared before Governor Festus.  From there, we will walk the old city of Jaffo and visit the house of Simon the Tanner and see the port from which Jonah departed for Tarshish. 

During this tour you'll enjoy local Israeli food and beverages along the coastal plains. 

As an option for Jehovah's Witnesses, we offer to arrange a tour of the local Branch Office in Tel Aviv.


We will start the day on Mount Carmel at the site of Elijah's fire test.  Then drive through the Jezreel Valley to Nazareth and view Mount Tabor from the precipice they tried to throw Jesus from.  Then going past Cana we will finish at Capernaum and the site of the Sermon on the Mount.  


Reflect on the many spiritual lessons from these sites over a glass of wine from the Galilee with local cheese and bread. 

Galilee Boat Tour (Seasonal)

Tour on the Galilee on a small boat, and don't forget your swim gear in case your attempt to walk on water fails!

(Additional $150/Group)


For the nature lovers, we can change the scenery by heading far north to Tel Dan and Banyas (Caesarea Phillipi). 


Take in the natural beauty of waterfalls and streams as you trek to the Canaanite city gate that Abraham walked through.  Walk the roads of the Israelite city of Dan and follow it to the High Place built by King Jeroboam for calf worship. 


After a drive through the Lake Hula Valley, you will enjoy local food and drink in the Golan Heights.


If you can Sea yourself in Israel, then you must make time for a unique natural wonder, the Dead Sea.  

In addition to floating in the sea, we will also Ein Gedi an opportunity to cool down from the desert heat. Among the natural springs and waterfalls of the region we trek up to the cave where David and his men hid from King Saul.

Preserve your memories of Israel with picture perfect moments as you taste and sea the lowest place on earth!


Are you arriving in Haifa on a cruise?  Then let us customize a one day package for you to help you see as much of Israel as one day will allow!

We will be at the port waiting for you in the morning and have you back in time so there is no stress to your trip.  

So don't settle for paying for an overpriced cruise tour or just wandering the streets of Haifa.  Make your day in Israel a memorable one!


If you want a day to work off all that food and wine, then head to the desert for a trip you will Negev'r forget.


Reflect on examples of integrity and creation as you walk, hike or mountain bike through the red rock canyons, ancient temples, mines and cities and unique formations of the Negev desert.

And if you finish staggering and parched, there will be opportunity for some "refreshments".


Take a jaunt through the Jezreel Valley and experience a wealth of Bible history.

From Megiddo to Mount Gilboa, you'll traverse the peaks and valleys of this historic region while recounting examples of great faith and obedience to God, along with those who acted with presumptuous disobedience.

And at the end of the valley, the ruins of Bet She'an, the principal city of the Decapolis.


While enjoying the tastes of this fertile valley, take in some of its delicious honey or boutique wines. 


There are a million things to do in this city at the center of history.  So we can mix and match something for your exact taste.  Walk through Hezekiah's tunnel and the City of David.  Or trek up to the Mount of Olives and visit the tombs of the Prophets.  Visit the site of Jesus death and burial tomb or just wander the endless markets of the old city.  This tour is filled with local flavors and sounds.

The Fun Facts Museum Tour

Designed for those who want to see the museum, without having to endure a four hour speech. We will guide you to the extraordinary finds and provide brief context and explanation as to its importance to students of the Bible.


In the words of Esau, "Give me some of the red!".  Instead of visiting the sites, you will enjoy a scenic drive from the coast to the Galilee and north.  The focus here is wine with a view, so sit back and let us drive as you sample some great wines and get some amazing shots of the hills and valleys of Israel's north.

Distillery Option

Tired of wine? Then try Israeli whiskey, gin or date Brandy in the Golan. 

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