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About Us

We are a David and Desiree (and Nuvik).  We were married over 10 years ago in Canada and live in Haifa Israel.

To support ourselves here, in 2019 we launched Drink Offering and began creating digital tour program which became Taste & See TV.  The show had us traversing every angle of Israel and the Bible lands, going off trail and seeking out the authentic Israel and Bible experience. 


Now we are ready to take you along on an exciting adventure to make the little connections, and add the context, that allows you to grasp for yourself the amazing depth of the Bible and the land of Israel!


Frequently Asked Questions

How are your day tour prices set?

The standard rate for a guide in Israel is $300 for an 8 hour day.  Therefore, we use that as our touchstone in setting our prices in order to keep our tours affordable for as many as possible.

Is it possible to customize one of your tours?

Feel free to contact us regarding customizations.  We are always happy to discuss the different options available to create a specific tour that matches your plans and interests.

Can the guide drive for the Single Day Tours?

No, in Israel additional licenses and insurance is required to drive you in our personal car, which we don't have. Therefore, your renting a car or van is the best way to ensure you are protected.

Do I need to use a Licensed Tour Guide?

Yes, without a license, a guide doesn't have the insurance or training to ensure your safety on a tour. It is also illegal, so you are also not protected against business practices that exploit tourists.

Is tipping the guide required?

While we wont say no to extra money, tipping is neither required or expected. The price you pay includes the payment to the guide and covers the fees, taxes and meal costs.

Do you include visits to a JW hall or branch office?

Typically we do not, and this is because we don't like to use theocratic facilities to promote, or gain business for, our tours. But we can give tips and advise for your plans to visit Tel Aviv for this purpose.

Why don't you include a Watchtower Study on your tours or open/close with prayer?

A Watchtower Study is a theocratic meeting overseen by the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses. There is no provision for conducting private meetings outside this arrangement, and certainly not in a business or tourism setting. Note the following direction:


"We have received reports that some... arrange meetings and events for spiritual instruction, even beginning and ending... with prayer. [Although] well-intentioned, there is no provision for such arrangements... Care should be taken not to organize or promote meetings for spiritual feeding beyond what has been provided by the organization." S147-21/3

"We need to remember that the Christian congregation functions to help us spiritually, not to serve ...commercial pursuits. Business matters should always be kept separate from congregation activities." Watchtower 1997 3/15 pg22

Why aren't your tours exclusive for Jehovah Witnesses?

"A Christian who loves kindness will certainly not exploit his fellow worshippers. For example, he realizes that it would be neither proper nor kind to start a business or promote an investment scheme that targets fellow believers as the main customers. It would display greed, which Christians are warned against, to plan on making money hastily by exploiting fellow Christians."

Live With Jehovah's Day In Mind, page 107.

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