Israel with us

Here at Drink Offering, we understand that the way we travel is fundamentally changing.

For many of our friends, visiting Israel was out of reach because of the limitations that come with age, health, cost, work and family.

But now we have the ability to help you travel and see Israel from your own home in a way not possible before.

wholesome entertainment

We view ourselves as a form of entertainment that can be enjoyed by anyone.  And while we discuss spiritual matters, please don't view us as a mouthpiece for any religious organization. 


But rather, as an entertaining way to visualize the events recorded in the Bible and to understand the traditions that shape the culture.  

more than history

As our name suggests, we want any experience in Israel to be about more than Bible history. 


We want you to meet the people and see the flavors and culture, hear the music and really take in the land flowing with milk and honey.

So our programs combine the Bible with everything that makes Israel Israel.


This tour struck and excellent balance - you showed us things, told us things, but largely let us make connections and didn't tell us how to feel about what we had just heard.  The length was great, the humor was great, your level of knowledge was reassuring.

Kyle, South Africa

who we are

David Field

I'm a fourth generation Israeli but was born and raised in the heart of the Canadian rocky mountains. Des and I were married in 2012 and then spent the first seven years of our marriage enjoying in the great Canadian arctic.

We accepted an opportunity to return to Israel and start a whole new life. We are now living in Haifa, and I look forward to sharing our passion for the Bible, history and, of course, food with as many as we can.

desiree Field

I was born and raised in Calgary, Canada, but I've lived in various areas of Alberta and the Northwest Territories, where I enjoyed learning the local aborigional languages and culture. 

While in the Canadian north I worked in the service and tourism industry and since we have made the move to Israel, I help my husband out part time with tours...but I really enjoy helping with the "research" into new places to bring our foodie friends to.

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