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Do more than just travel Israel, experience and explore this amazing Bible Land in a whole new way!


Our Bible tours and programs will engage, entertain, and educate you in a unique and memorable style.

So kick back as we take you through Israel and...

See the Land
              with Drink in Hand!


unique experiences

Many that visit Israel want a faith strengthening experience, where they can connect on a new level with the Bible accounts they've read.  We believe that reflecting on the Bible means slowing down and taking in the little moments.  


As such, in addition to historical sites, we offer experiences that include camping in the desert like Abraham and the Israelites, kayaking on the Galilee like Jesus' disciples, and enjoying things like local coffee, boutique wines, and local whiskey and spirits all while taking in the beauty of the landscape, sunrises and sunsets.  These are the moments that make us unique!

new perspectives

Our goal is to not just spout historical facts about the places we visit.  It is about telling the story of the land and making the Bible come to life.  This means that our focus is entertainment, engaging you with the Bible using not only the historical facts, but also the humor, culture, sights and sounds of this amazing land!


For a sample of our unique take on the Bible, we invite you to watch our free episodes of Taste & See TV, so you can see how we delve into the Bible accounts and help you deepen your appreciation for our Creator's wisdom, direction and love.  


Joyce, Canada

“All the programs are so informative. I am learning so much. Bible reading has become more visual are really going above and beyond just to give us the experience."
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