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In Spring 2024, Drink Offering will be licensed by the Ministry of Tourism!  In the coming months we will be adding the packages and tours that we will soon offer.  However, at this time, requests for bookings and reservations will be ignored until further notice.  In the meantime, please enjoy our virtual Bible Lands entertainment Taste & See TV!


Do more than just travel Israel, experience and explore this amazing Bible Land in a whole new way!

Our Bible tours and programs will engage, entertain, and educate you in a unique and memorable style.

So kick back as we take you through Israel and...

See the Land
              with Drink in Hand!

Who We Are

Drink Offering is the husband-wife team of David and Desiree (plus our dog Nuvik!).  We have been married for over 10 years and have lived in Haifa, Israel for almost 5 years. 


We work to keep doctrinal matters out of our programs meaning we are not here to teach you the Bible; we are here to bring the Bible accounts to life in an entertaining and memorable way.  Our programs respect copyrights and use unique perspectives to enhance your research.

Whether you can join us in Israel or not, we invite you to join us virtually on our Bible lands travel show: Taste & See TV. 

You can click the link below to watch four free episodes:

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A drink offering was not only an approved sacrifice (Ge35:14, Le23:13; Joel1:9), it was also how Paul compared his tireless work for others (Php2:17; 2Ti 4:6).

We add to this the culture of Israel; it is all about offering hospitality and a refreshing drink to the weary traveler (Ge24:45,46).

In the same vein, we wanted to create a company that not only works hard to create unique research, visuals, and tours, but also one that incorporates the local culture and flavors. From the food, tea and coffee to the local craft brews and distilleries.

What Makes Us Different

unique experiences

We believe that reflecting on the Bible means slowing down to take in the quiet moments. 

As such, in addition to visiting archaeological sites, we offer experiences that include camping in the Desert and kayaking on the Galilee.  These are the moments that make us unique.


Nothing can crush your joy like feeling as if you are holding back the group, or being held back.  

So our tours group together those with similar energy levels and interests.  We also tailor tours for families with children as well as groups with disabilities and mobility challenges.

FLEXIBLE & Affordable

Affordability is what we are about.  So for our large group bus tours, you won't pay for things you won't likely use. 

We also arrange reasonable length tour options for those who want to fit a trip to Israel around their work and school schedules.



Check Out Our Tours and Packages

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