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Do more than just travel Israel, experience and explore this amazing Bible Land in a whole new way!

Our Bible tours and programs will engage, entertain, and educate you in a unique and memorable style.

So kick back as we take you through Israel and...

See the Land
              with Drink in Hand!

What Makes Us Different

unique experiences

We believe that reflecting on the Bible means slowing down. 


As such, in addition to historical sites, we offer experiences that include camping in the desert, kayaking on the Galilee, coffee at sunrise and Israeli whiskey and spirit tastings. These are the moments that make us unique!


Nothing can crush your joy like feeling as if you are holding back the group, or being held back.  


So our tours group together those with similar energy levels and interests.  We also tailor tours for families with children as well as groups with disabilities and mobility challenges.

affordable prices

Affordability is what we are about! This means that the hotels we use are clean, well priced and in a good location.


But we also don't deal in commissions, so when we take you to a restaurant or shop, it is because of good products and value, not because we get a cut!  

Frequently Asked Questions

How Are Your Day Tour Prices Set?

The standard rate for a guide in Israel is $300 for an 8 hour day.  Therefore, we use that as our touchstone in setting our prices, as we believe we are worth more than the minimum. 

Do I Need To Use A Licensed Tour Guide?

Yes, without a license, a guide doesn't have the insurance or training to ensure your safety on a tour. It is also illegal, so you are also not protected against business practices that exploit tourists.

Is It Possible To Customize One Of Your Tours?

Yes! Feel free to contact us regarding customizations.  We are always happy to discuss the different options available to create a specific tour that matches your plans and interests.

Is Tipping The Guide Required?

While we wont say no to extra money, tipping is neither required or expected. The price you pay includes the payment to the guide and covers the fees, taxes and meal costs.

Can You Drive For The Single Day Tours?

No, in Israel additional licenses and insurance is required to drive you in our personal car, which we don't have. Therefore, your renting a car or van is the best way to ensure you are protected.

Do You Include Visits To A JW Hall or the Branch?

No, primarily because we don't like to use theocratic facilities to promote, or gain business for, our tours. We will, though, help you plan to visit Tel Aviv for this before or after your tour with us. 

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